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Me Eating Lunch Alone

Posted: 8/25/2015

My name is Steven Nieves, I filmed this as a freshman in High School; during my lunch period. That is why you see me eating a bagel. If this video comes across a bit confusing, please continue reading this description. High School was very hard for me. I was bullied pretty much everyday my freshmen year of high school. This moment captured on film was me eating lunch alone. I was rejected by the students, so I ate in the corner.

This video was posted by mistake. When I say mistake, I didn't expect anyone to view it. If you happened to find this, watch closely, I put on a fake smile. My eyes look lost, confused, and I'm also a bit paranoid. I tried so hard to prevent the headlights from shining on me, THAT IS WHY MY LAPTOP WAS OUT FILIMING. I spent most of my days dodging packets of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, chopped up carrots, oranges, and French-fries. Some days I ate in the bathroom.

I don't have any friends.

I come back to this video once and a while and I'm the only one who can truly see the sadness in my eyes, and face because I relive this moment over and over. Eating lunch alone is probably the worst feeling in the world. Especially when you're sick with depression and anxiety. (you had depression and anxiety?) {I still have it!}

How I was Bullied:

  • Mentally ( name calling low self esteem )
  • Verbally ( name calling / cussed at )
  • Physically ( throwing food at me, and tripping me )

This video has been supported by thousands of people, I appreciate all of you! Ke$ha tweeted "I would sit with you!!" Justin Bieber's Dad, Jeremy Bieber also retweeted a fan tweeting about my video! Thank you guys so much! I love you!

By: Steven Nieves

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