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The Former Bullied, Now Not Afraid

Posted: 5/13/2011

Hi, I am in middle school. I am very short for my age. I was home schooled for 3 years, but my parents wouldn't tell me why! I did not know I was small for my age until my parents finally let me go to the nursery during church.

It took me a few weeks to notice, then it started. A girl in the class noticed my height compared two hers and new this could be her chance to get on top and be the big one the alpha dog, or the popular one. I did not tell my parents even though they knew. My parents held me in home schooling for 1 more year . When 3rd grade rolled along I convinced them to let me go to school. They did let me go. I was okay the 1st few months because I was the new girl, but when another girl came after me the bullies got their cue and headed right for me. The bullies seemed to always get away with it and somehow seem to be able to blame me and get me in trouble because I was so small I felt like I couldn't fight back.

I withstood the bullying for 3 years. When I reached 6th grade I thought I had finally outgrown the bullying because the one bully left and the other became my best friend.

When I went into 7th grade my friend found a new friend and redirected the bullying right back to me. She caught me off guard so it was so un expected it made my emotions shatter and totally embarrass myself in front of the bully the teachers and my class mates. The next year i left I am now in 8th grade and I am home schooled again I am afraid to go back because I will be at the bottom of the food chain again because I will be in 9th grade! I may be afraid but I have great parents and teachers back at the school who will help me. I am still short but at least now I re-built my self esteem. I am ready. Your site really helped!!!

Thank you PACER you changed my world!!!

The former bullied now not afraid

By: Anonymous

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