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Good Enough

Posted: 10/16/2015

Everyday, ever since I was in second grade I think, I have been bullied by someone. I am very skinny, and I never thought it was a bad trait to have, until a group of 3 or 4 boys started calling me toothpick. During class, they would make a snapping motion, as if breaking a twig, and point to me. They told me I was not good enough. I started eating more to gain weight, but it seemed it never worked. Eventually, I gained weight, and the boys started calling me marshmallow, fat, and chubby. I was still the skinniest, but I did not know because I listened to them. I started losing a lot of weight, and I only weighed 75 pounds. Then, I met a girl who the boys called chubby. I stood up for her, and we became best friends. The teacher would tell the boys to stop in her kindest voice, and they just laughed. I grew up going to class with the same people, and the same boys that bullied me. In the end, it was my best friend who taught me that I could stand up for myself as I did with her. I stood up with myself, and one of the bullies started being really nice and made a complete turnaround. We were almost BFFs because I stood up for myself, and I stood up for myself because I stood up for someone else. As bystanders, we should not just stand by-we need to stand up. Together, we can all be "good enough" because everyone has a flaw that we just have to accept, instead of bringing others down. That is what makes us different from the bullies.

By: Alivia

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