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The Right Way

Posted: 10/20/2015

Singer-Songwriter Cat London and her production team went to Middlesex High School (NJ) and asked students to volunteer their opinion on what it means to treat others #TheRightWay. Thanks to Vince Inciong, music teacher at MSH and videographer of #TheRightWay, their kindness initiative unfolded through the voice of his students.

#TheRightWay is a bullying awareness and kindness campaign that grew out of London’s song, “The Right Way.” The duet features two young people struggling with acceptance, empathy, and bullying. The song makes us recognize that we are the same, we feel the same pain, but we might not realize it. We’re increasing awareness that we, as humans and peers, can achieve more through compassion, understanding, and willingness to dissolve barriers that perpetuate anger, hatred, and bullying.

A free download of The Right Way is available on

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