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You’ll Never Take Me

Posted: 10/20/2015

You weren't there when it happened
You didn't see what he did
You believed him instead of me
You don't care
You said I was nothing
You drew on me like a picture
You said I didn't belong
You stole my trainers, my socks and my shoes
You took my homework to the bin
You spread lies about me
You didn't tell the truth
You didn't stop
You said you never would
You would never stop
You said that I didn't matter
You said I was a freak
You said I was a geek
You made me cry from the inside
You made me feel small
You said you made me feel small
You said you did it to the other kids
You said to go and die
You said I was small
I'm not small
Bullies think they make us feel like we are nothing
But in reality you did just the opposite
I've never felt bigger in my life
So take my homework
And take my shoes
But you'll never take me
You'll never take my life
Cos that's one thing I will fight for
You'll never take me

By: Heather

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