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You’re Worth It!

Posted: 10/27/2015

I am currently 26 years old, when I was in school since the 2nd grade I was bullied. It was all kinds of different things; my clothes, my weight, my quietness (which was because of the bullying), being "alone", how good I got along with my teachers. I have learned that some of that bullying has been because of a lack of understanding. Some of it was the difference of priorities between them and myself and the other was because I was "different" I never went to a school dance, football game or anything. I was going to go to prom until my grandmother died the night before. A lot of those bullies made me even more self conscious of myself. Some of it has stuck with me and some has not. Somethings have changed and some haven't. Some of those bullies are now friends on facebook and some of them are still like they were in school. A few of them have written me and told me that my faith inspires them, which made me feel good. Bullying hurts, I almost failed a class because of it, but while we have people who bully us we also have those who care about us. The ones who care are the ones who get us through the rough spots.

My advice to you is this- There are always going to be more people who care about you than you know. Even if you find just one strong friend you have outweighed all of those bullies. My faith was my serenity. You're not the anything they tease you to be. You're identiy is in who you were created to be and the purpose you were given, don't let anyone else who is just as equal is you tell you how awful you are. Remember this, we are all different no matter how many are in a group, or how "big" or "powerful" the bully is they all have a different finger print, they are themselves and you are you, both with flaws and both with gifts. You're worth it!

By: Ashley

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