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How Bullying Impacted My Friend

Posted: 5/13/2011

I have a friend who used to never talk to me. It literally took me three years before she actually spoke to me in person. We arenow the best of friends and incredibly close. The reason it took so long for her to come around and talk to me was because she was bullied.

Her freshman year of high school, a girl made fun of her voice. Keep in mind that this was only her freshman year. She was already dealing with being in a new school and knowing no one. So, when this girl made fun of her, she was continuely harassed. She became very insecure and stopped talking; literally never spoke a word all four years of high school.

She is now what one would call a hermit. In the eyes of a professional, she'd probably be told that she has a social phobia disorder.

On a good day, she may hang out with me or go out with her family; but I promise that is very rare.

She told me that she would probably be a very different person, even more outgoing had she never been bullied in high school. I think she still could have been a different person had someone just stood up for her. I didn't know her well when she was bullied, but if I'd known her better or witnessed someone mess with her, I would have stepped in.

Words do hurt. Sure, some people can handle it, but many can't. I don't think people are aware enough of the outcome of verbal harrassment.

My friend could have turned out to be a very outgoing individual. Instead, I have to watch her struggle with the fear of even leaving her own house.

Bullying is a very serious matter. If you ever see someone being bullied at school, or anywhere for that matter, you should always help the person being attacked. Even if you don't know the person, by you stepping in, you may change that person's life for the better.

By: Dawn

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