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How I Got Bullied in School

Posted: 11/5/2015

When I went to the public school I was bullied from the time I was in Pre-K until my last year there which was 2nd grade. I even got kicked out of Pre-K for hitting the kid that was bullying me. Everyone used to call me names like "Germy" and make fun of me. It felt kind of like being killed and then revived again for them to start all over. Every time I told a teacher or an adult at school they told me ‘That didn’t happen" and then I got in trouble for telling. My Mom kept calling and going to school but the Principle and Councilor just told her that I was making it up, and that nobody was bothering me. Finally my Mom and Dad took me out of the school and put me in a public online school. Now I love going to school every day and I have all A’s which is really awesome, since I kept failing at the regular public school because I got tired of everyone not being nice. You see, I have a high I.Q. but I learn way different than everybody else because I have a behavioral disorder called Oppositional Defiance Disorder or O.D.D. and I can’t be still, so I was always interrupting the class, and that made everybody tease me more. Anyway, my name is Jeremy and I am 9yrs. old and that’s my story.

By: Jeremy

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