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The Outcast

Posted: 11/10/2015

With pain she looks at the world in fear
Broken apart by the ones she held near
An arrow to the soul
A dagger to the heart
Her hopes and dreams starting to depart
You can only see the dread in her eyes

No cuts on her wrist?
Take a look at her thighs.

What once was a girl
Full of hope
Full of light
Has now become an outcast
A shadow in the night.

This is a deep poem. I just wanted to share something that I wrote, with you. This kind of explains my life. Please, remember. You are UNIQUE. They are bullying you and talking bad about you behind your back, because they are jealous. THEY ARE BEHIND YOU FOR A REASON! Because, you could change the world, you could make a difference. I don’t know you, but I love everyone who is reading this. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.

Just, be true to yourself, go ABOVE and BEYOND.

By: Mackenzie

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