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Football Team

Posted: 11/12/2015

I am on the football team at my high school. If you aren’t a starter on the team, you were usually the one getting picked on in the locker room. When I first started I thought I was going to have fun in it because I’ve done football all my life and wanted to continue on in my high school career. When I started I was one of the smaller guys on the team and the coaches didn’t see me as much, but got a secondary position. After the first week there I started getting picked on in the locker room because of how small I was and shouldn’t be on the football team; that was when I started not going to practice. I was scared that if I went to practice, then I would be picked on again and not be a part of the team. I didn’t want to tell my mom because she would be mad if I quit football because it costed her $150 to put me in that sport. So I just waited after school and didn’t go to practice and was on my phone watching YouTube. The only time I actually played was at the games to show my mom that I was still on the team so she wouldn’t get mad at me. So I am questioning whether I want to play football next year because my freshmen year of football wasn’t the greatest and just started here and got the bad look at it. I want to continue football because I’ve played the my entire life, but could now be at stake just because I was bullied.

By: K.C.

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