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I AM Human

Posted: 12/3/2015

Bullying started for me when I was in first grade, I had no friends. I would always try to fit in but they would always push me away. In second grade it got worse. Then I had 2 "friends" but after they started insult me. Some people said to the teacher that I insulted them and the teacher belived them. He didn’t ask if i did say it. Just wrote my name on the board showing me big eyes. They only said it because I wanted to be friends with them. Some people would think that Its not that big of a deal but for me it is. Anyways moving on third grade new school but nothing changed. Just one thing new, in this school they whe re even more cruel. I would always end up crying. Its just horrible to live in that moment. It went non-stop until the end of primary. Sometimes they would use me to do stuff for them. I dont why they did it. I AM human like them.

By: Su

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