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Posted: 5/13/2011

I have written a poem with an idea of how to deal bullies that I think is important to be told.

How to Deal with School Bullies

Were you ever bullied around
During your long high school years?
Did they get you to hate class
And cause you much tears?

Did they give you a wedgie?
Or a wet swirlie too?
Did they take all your money
So you couldn't get food?

Did they make you lose friends?
Did they use you to blame?
Did they steal your good jokes
Yet say that you're lame?

Did they cheat off your tests
Did they steal all your work?
Did they embarrass you in public
And say you're a jerk?

How bad did it hurt?
How much pain were you in?
Was it bad enough to go into your locker
And lock yourself in?

I can't fully sympathize with
You, if that's true
But I know someone who feels the same.
Yet he's made it through.

When the turtle's attacked by his enemies
The one thing he knows how to do
Is feel comfortable deep in his own shell
As he patiently makes it through.

He doesn't fight, he doesn't cry
He just stays there sitting strong
He's quiet about all that's said
Yet knows deep down they're wrong.

He waits alone with just himself
As the predators all quit,
Because what he's got going for him is way too much
And he can take the hit.

He knows that in time despite that he's slow
He'll pass by all of them.
Because he knows inside that they are all rotten
And he'll be the crème de la crème.

So before you lock yourself in a locker,
Take advice from the turtle, indeed.
Don't fall cuz of them, don't change who you are
Keep doing what you do; and breathe.

By: Yosef

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