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How Bullying Feels

Posted: 3/30/2016

I have been bullied on numerous occasions. Being bullied isn’t the greatest felling in the world, it makes you feel sad, mad and like you aren’t good enough for anyone anymore. I have had paper balls thrown at me, people calling me fat, ugly, horrible and saying that I have no friends and everyone hates me. It went on for so long that I started to believe it myself and that I wasn’t good enough. The people that help me through it were my teachers and family, but most of all my brother. He told me not to listen to anyone and that I will always be good enough for him and our family. People have given me dirty looks constantly everyday and been blamed for thing that aren’t my fault. Being bullied makes me think why me, why are they bullying me and what did I do to them. It makes me sad and angry to think that I’m not good enough for someone and that I need to change. At first I never told anyone about me being bullied but it got to the point where I was nearly crying everyday and in the end I went to my teacher and then to my mum. You need to tell someone if you are getting bullied!

By: Anonymous

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