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Spreading Love, Not Hate

Posted: 4/1/2016

When an anonymous hate page about a fellow student appeared on Instagram, concerned girls from Benicia High School (CA) decided to do something with social media that would make a positive outcome in their community: they created another Instagram account devoted to compliments. On the “Benicia Compliments” page, the first thing you’ll see is this motto: “Spread love, not hate. Benicia High School student who just wants people to feel happy.”

You’ll also see warm comments about the people tagged in the smiling selfies and candid photos, comments that praise kindness, beauty, inclusion, and much more. The responses from those tagged are grateful (“Thank you so much this means a lot”) and touched (“Awe thank you! I really appreciate it, this really made my day”). In an online world that can be harsh and unforgiving, Benicia High students created something positive for their peers and the social world around them. Read the full story

By: Youth Radio

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