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I'd Love To Teach You To Love

Posted: 5/13/2011

I was bullied when I was in middle school. It was not often by physical violence, but the words and attitude. I think words can hurt more than kicks or punches. At some point I wanted to die. I also ended up lying and making up my own life to feel more comfortable, but that didn't help. I was made fun of all the time, I was rejected and ended up having only one or two friends at school. And we were all three bullied girls. I didn't want to go to school anymore, but I had to, and my parents didn't know about my problems. My grades dropped sharply and I didn't do the homeworks anymore. When I went to high school, it was totally different and I felt way better. Students are way more mature in high school, and I even had the surprise to get to talk to one of my former bullies who apologized. I forgave them, they were just young immature boys who thought they needed to be recognized and that they would get friends by dissing some others and make themselves look strong. Actually this all experienced contributed to my growth and I am stronger now, and I was more mature than them actually. I want you to know that if you are bullied now, that doesn't mean you'll always be. And that doesn't mean you're a loser or less valuable than the others. On the contrary, when someone bullies you, it is often that they feel threatened by you because they find in you something that they would like to have. And don't give up ;)

I wouldn't want to be you
I wouldn't want to feel good
Only when I'm mean with someone

I wouldn't want to walk in your shoes
I wouldn't want to rule the school
By hurting weak people's feelings

I wouldn't want to be wrong
I wouldn't want to seem strong
When in fact I am so so lost

I wouldn't want to make people cry
I wouldn't want to be that mad
To be pleased by wretched endings

But I'd love to be the one to make you change
I'd love to be the one to make you realize
That life is way more than being recognized
I'd love to make you wise

Yeah I'd love to be the one to make you grow
I'd love to be the one to let you know
That there's a better way to have friends
I'd love to teach you love

By: Lyly

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