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My Bullying Story - You're Not Alone

Posted: 6/6/2016

This story is both a cry for help and a petition for change. I am being bullied. I wish I was able to pinpoint a specific child or even a specific small group of people, but unfortunately I am not able to do so. This is because I am a target for many different students. Many of them enjoy starting rumors about me, spreading lies, and even making up absurd stories. None of these rumors have any truth to them, but have become widely popular among the student body. Aside from the rumor spreading is the isolation. There have been several occasions where I have been forced to work alone on group projects because none of the students in the class are willing to let me into their group. During many periods throughout the school day, I am forced to sit alone in silence in the corner of the classroom, because no student is willing to give me the time of day to converse with them. I am currently at a loss of actions that may be taken next, because it seems as though I have no options. I want to write to you to express my problems, and hopefully comfort others that may be feeling the same way. It is not fair for any student to be bullied, and it is even more unfair for that student to have to feel like it is their fault that they are being bullied. I wish I could go to a school where being a good person is the popular thing to do.

By: Jake

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