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Ready For Whatever Comes

Posted: 5/13/2011

I left public school because of the drama, my parents didn't want me to suffer through middle school, so they sent me to a christian private school so I wouldnt be teased and bullied.

But my parents and I had no idea what was coming. I started the private school in 7th grade, It was a small class about  about 14 kids in the grade. Who would have guessed that such a small class would bring huge pain. The year started out good until November.Thats when the "clicks" were forming...By December it was clear, me and my best friend were the class "losers".We were bullyed every single day.

And everyday it was eye rollering, glares, "accidently" bumping, notes in our locker,notes taped on our locker and so on and so on that made us feel so worthless and low.We would go on every day wondering why they hated us so much, we would go home often crying,hurt, and depressed.We were so mad and hurt inside that we would go to each others houses and play with stuff animals  like webkinz and act like they were our friends. They really got away with everything and I mean everything from the notes to the voicemails.Soon the year had ended.

Then the next year came with even more drama and pain.Our 8th grade year started  and soon before I knew it the bullies had accepted me and I was thrilled I thought this meant no more pain. I was wrong. The backstabbing had got horrible they were just horrible to me. I had thought that we were friends but they weren't. I was still hurting so much that I had decided to cut myself. Once I realized what I had done I told my old friend, the one in the "loser" group. I told my parents and then I decided that I was done with the bullies and  I went back to the "loser" group with once again only one friend. The year had ended and me and my friend decided that we were done, done with the school.

Next year we will enter high school and I have learned to be ready, ready for whatever comes.

By: Dominique

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