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Inspiration Through Music

Posted: 10/28/2016

This music immediately spoke to me and I knew instantly what the song would be about. I wrote the song in 20 minutes. It was obvious to me this upbeat track would be about my experience growing up feeling like a misfit and being bullied.

All through my school years, I felt very different given my height (I’m a little over 6’1” today) and my blond hair. We’re talking about a town where a petite brunette with curly locks and a bit of a tan is more the norm. As years went on, I didn’t know how to navigate the nastiness thrown at me so I shut down and didn’t rebel nor voice my uneasiness. I didn’t know how to be like everyone else. I realize now of course, it’s a good thing, to be different. But back then, it tore me apart, or at least I let it tear me apart. If my story and my song can give just a little bit of hope to a kid in despair, I would be the proudest person on Earth.

By: MarieLine

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