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Choose your type

Posted: 11/7/2016

When it comes to making a difference in the world, you can be a fire type, a water type, or a gas type.

Matt Hogan is the Head Instructor at Master Khechen's Martial Arts Academy – Buffalo, and he is the founder of The Only Direction and MoveMe Quotes. He wants to inspire the community to act.

Excerpt from Matt’s post on The Only Direction:

In order to avoid a conflict, either verbally or physically, I’ll shut down, close my mouth and try and separate myself from the situation as fast as possible. There have been times when I have chosen to remain silent about things that I believed to be wrong, unjust, or hurtful. I was the bystander; the watcher; the one who becomes the gas for the fire.

Choose to stand up for what you believe in – be an upstander.

The answer, of course, is to do your best to always act as an upstander; a person who recognizes that something is wrong and acts to make it right. When you fail to act to make something right in some way, shape, or form – you’re the gas. Intentions and good thoughts don’t count. And the second you choose to be an upstander you change your state from being a gas to becoming water. Just like that.

Learn more about the three key actions we can take to become rock solid upstanders.

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