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Why do people have to treat others so cruelly

Posted: 5/13/2011

This has been happening to practically all my life.
People have been talking behind my back about me. Some of my friends have
even turned on me. Then in high school it got worse. More people
starting talking about me and pointing. It hurt alot and i felt that
they kept saying it over and over every single day. Sometimes i try to
block it out but i just can't. It just hurts alot. I just don't wanna
deal with it anymore ..i wanted to move ands escape from it. Start
somewhere fresh where i can start over. But my parents don't have the
money to. So everyday i have to endure the talk sometimes it hurts soo
bad and i cry alot over it. One day in art class i was sitting there and
the girl was talkin gto her friend and they were talkin bout sitting
next to a smelly person on the bus. Then one of the girls were like was
is Tricia? I heard it and i was hurt badly. They acted like it was
nothing like i didnt hear it. Couple of months later my use to be best
friend was not talking to me i finally imed her and she told me that i
have a smell that makes her want to throw up. That hurt even more. To
find out your friend was talking bout you the whole time and everytime
she was whispering something to people I knew it was bout me i had a

Now i feel Paranoid whenever i see people whispering and i feel
that they are talking about me. Sometimes i cant deal with it anymore so
im always glad when school ends because i can escape from it. Im pretty
sure these things they saaid are untrue but sometimes i try to changed
and im never excepted. It just hurts.I just wish they would stop because
im soo tired of it.  Why do people have to treat others so cruelly?

By: Brooke

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