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Genius Hour

Posted: 4/4/2018

During her senior year of high school, Addison participated in a project called Genius Hour. The idea was for each student to select a topic of their choice, research it, and then develop a presentation, video, or product. Addison chose the topic of bullying, an issue that has personally affected her since elementary school. Addison made posters that displayed facts and statistics about bullying. She posted these resources in her classroom hoping to draw awareness to this common issue. Throughout the semester, she continued to research the effects of bullying, ultimately showing just how much it impacts students around the world. At the end of the semester, she presented her speech in which she spoke from the heart.

Addison shared, “I genuinely hope that I changed the way my classmates view bullying and how to treat people, as well as for anyone who views this video. I really enjoyed this project and I aim to continue to raise awareness for bullying and for all the targets that suffer from it. They deserve to be heard and supported, and I am determined to be one person who stands up for them. I hope people learn to realize that we should accept one another for who they are, because that is another thing that I realized when doing this project— everyone is different, yet everyone should be respected. It only takes one person to make a difference.”

By: Anonymous

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