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Riders Against Bullying

Posted: 6/15/2018

What happens when one person cares? They can change someone’s life.

John Carter, a self-described “biker against bullying” has been encouraging students to sign the pledge to be together against bullying—and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. He also shows what a difference it makes when adults get involved in positive ways. John shared this story about the photo, “the young man in the red shorts and black shirt has autism. I saw the other kids bullying him, so I went out and spoke with all of them. I explained about autism and talked about the differences we all have. I asked how they felt when they get picked on. I then explained to them that each of us has feelings and how much it hurts to not be included. I told them everyone wants to be accepted and to have someone to play with. The group ended up playing together all night.”

By: Anonymous

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