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Do What's Right

Posted: 5/17/2011

Stand up for bullying,
even if it may be adorous.
Take it from someone who knows,
I know it can be  tough.

What your friends do,
you choose to do it too.
The person has something you want,
so you put up a  front.

You say they smell, you say they snitch,
you call them  a witch.

You talk down about them to everyone else,
when the truth is:
that's how you feel about yourself.

Your problems need to be expressed,
but not through hurting someone else.

They've done nothing to you, yet you don't care.

You talk, you stare.

You threaten,
yet after words you think it's funny.

Until it happens to you,
then you want to tell your  mummy.

It's wrong, that's why I'm writing this poem.

Be better that everyone else,
because when you talk  about others,
you're talking about yourself.

Talking about others is the way you hide
how you really feel inside.

School should make you want to come,
make you feel safe.
It shouldn't matter about
your hair, your clothes or your race.
Choose not to discriminate.

You should want to come to school,
and the only thing  you should worry
about is following the rules.

You shouldn?t have to worry about the days
that you want to come to school.

So as I rap up what I'm saying.
Take it serious  because I'm not playing.

Don't put others down because in the end
what goes around comes around.

By: Destiny

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