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A Real Story

Posted: 5/17/2011

well... my story is a little bit sad and at the same time it´s real.

In second year of high school i made a friendship between a sweet and sociable girl. among that year, she started to make new friends and socialize with them... but then, many friends started to tell me that she was talking very bad of myself and telling lies; ok, i mean that she told them that i was talking bad things of them... she made my life a complete disaster! i was definitely bad at that point that i didn't want to return to that school ever! well, time passed and started third year of high school... she started to make friendship with the worst person i´ve ever met... well, they (according to the meaning you already gave to me of cyber bullying) bullied me with a very popular internet side called Facebook. They put a lot of stupid commentaries, trying to make me feel bad; and actually they got it. They are best friends.... and until now they try to make me feel like the worst woman in the world... but now my personality started to become better each day! i´m stronger now. in that times, i cried everyday asking myself WHY ME?

By: Gaby

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