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Will Always Remember

Posted: 5/17/2011

In the beginning of my 7th grade year, I was bullied and harassed by a couple kids. It hurt a lot, because they would make comments or throw something at me in the middle of class! One day, a teacher had to stand behind me for the WHOLE class to get them to stop. It was the most embarassing thing ever. I was so close to tears i had to look down the whole time.

But luckily, I got help with a school counselor and vice principal. So they stopped and now I'm not afraid to go to school anymore.

But I'm very lucky they stopped. Some teens won't stop at anything when it comes to bullying. It's very sad because bullying can lead to so many other bad scenarios. The person that is being bullied could start hurting themselves, others, or let the bully change them forever. What you hear in the news isn't covering everything thats happening. Teens take their  own lives because of bullying everyday.

And that is why bullying needs to stop. Teens need to realize that when they are a bully, they hurt the other person. They also make people think differently about them and may not be friends with them if theyre a bully. Some of the things they say or do can stick around with that person for forever. Even if the bully stops, they will always remember what happened and will be scarred for life.

By: Sam

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