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I Keep Trying

Posted: 5/17/2011

It all started when i just entered middle school. One day, I went to my PE class, during class, I started to cry because others wont let me join their group. When i started to cry, my PE teacher caught me crying and was really upset (upset as in angry at me) and told me that "if you want to cry, than i make you cry more" and told me to go to the principal office for crying in class. I actually skipped PE class to avoid it, but didn't. I was so scared of my future teachers. After that, I started to get bullied more and more. There's a couple of teachers said "loners strike again" and i heard them saying it, near me and my friend. Even the students and my classmates also verbal and mental abused/harassed me everyday. Some of the comments becomes more and more harsher everyday that one day I almost committed a suicide. Again in freshman year of high school, I was the target and people made me feel so discouraged that i also almost committed a suicide. Now, I'm trying to strong but its just so hard to keep in faith, but i know i have to try my best. 

By: Grace

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