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Being Cruel is No Joke

Posted: 5/17/2011

I liked this one guy who used to go to my school last year (he's a year older than me) for a year and a half and now he's in high school so I barely see him. 

On Facebook he asked me out (This was in January this year). I actually said yes for the first time (I've never had a boyfriend because I didn't want one. I've been asked to go out in the past, but I said no to everyone because I wanted to be with someone who I really liked). We changed our relationship status and everything you're suppose to do. 

After a week of going out, we decided to go out to the local outdoor mall. I went there with some of my friends and he was supposed to come with his. When I was there, I saw him, and it turns out it was all a joke. His older brother was on his account and my "first boyfriend" was in on the joke. 
Not only did he lie to me, the guy I liked was so mean to me the next few weeks. Months actually. He still is. It's amazing how someone can come off as a really shy and sweet person, but truly be a total jerk. 
He would call me names, he would make fun of me, and he would say mean things to me online. I unfriended him on Facebook, but he kept adding me. 

I was never really insecure because I knew that I had a lot going for me and I had absolutely nothing to be insecure about, but because of what he did I started to hate myself.

This truly hurt me. I would never let these kinds of things hurt me, but this was so hard. I cut myself because of this. I tried stopping. I finally stopped after months. 

I started going through depression. I still am. I'm losing a lot of my friends because they don't like how I act. They say I'm different and they like the old me. I have to go to counseling now. I'm only 14. Just a funny little joke could really affect someone.

By: Layla

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