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I Wish I Could Find Her

Posted: 5/17/2011

Hi my name is Jordan, I am in 8th grade, and I used to be a bully and now I am being bullied. In 6th grade I was beginning a new year at a new school. I was being bullied because I was the only African American girl in that grade. People eventually stopped bullying me and bullied a girl named Angie or as they like to call her "It".

They treated her as though she was an object. I eventually thought it was ok to call her "It" as well but this only made me feel bad. Today I think about her everyday and think about how hard it was for me to be bullied. I wish I could speak to her but the only thing is that she left the school and I have no idea what happened to her. I have tried my best to find her so I can tell her that I will be her shoulder to lean on if she needs it. I guess my point is that being a bully and being bullied are not okay.

By: Jordan

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