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I'm Out To Make A Difference

Posted: 5/17/2011

My name is Krissy. When I was a freshman, I was made fun of for having glasses and ''frizzy'' blonde hair and for not being as rich as everyone else. But I didn’t see it. I let it go in the beginning of the year. Then everyone would gang up and throw full bottles of soda at me. They would make puking sounds in front of me and tell me why do I even waste my time. Kids would also say I’m too fat to wear those clothes and how I should just go bald I'd be somewhat prettier. During the year, the bullying got worse. I was pushed away from everyone and every day when I came home I would cry in my room. It got so bad...that I ended up cutting my wrists. At the time I didn’t know better. And no matter whom I told, they would always say 'that’s terrible' but never do anything about it.

I was harassed by people I didn’t even know and was a laughing stock of the entire high school. I’ve been told I’m an overweight waste of space that should've killed herself years ago. Someone who would never go anywhere. A failure. A nobody. I wrote songs and poems on my experiences and showed them to people for help...they didn’t listen. They targeted my friend who nearly committed suicide. I was pushed in the school hallways and was being played around with. Kids would fake ask me out because they felt bad for me..they saw I was crying and laughed some more. Saying I’m a weak fragile who means nothing. And that I’m the reason why the world is a bad place.

But, luckily before I did something worse, I left the school. I am now at a different high school and am stronger with who I am. Bullying is 100% preventable. So now, I’m the defender. And I’m out to make a difference.

By: Krissy

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