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Stop Bullying

Posted: 5/17/2011

What I can do to help stop bullying. I can tell the bully to stop picking. The bullies may not listen to me. The bullies may beat me up. But they should stop picking on the little kids. Don’t be afraid of the bullies.

What I can do to help stop bullying. I could tell the president. He would have a press conference. It would tell the bullies to stop what they are doing. Bullies should not pick on little kids.

What I can do to help stop bullying. I could tell the principle. The principle can give him detention. Or he could get suspended.

By: Geordan

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Posted: 5/17/2011

When you bully you can really hurt someone. Bullying is very mean. Bullying is taking your anger out on someone else. You shouldn’t bully. These are my opinions on bullying.

I’m going to tell you what I can do to stop bullying. I can always tell an administrator. They could suspend or expel the bully. They have a conference with the bully parents and he or she. These are some of the things I can do to stop bullying.

I can do more things to stop bullying. I can talk to the bully. I would ask a lot of questions toward why he/she bully. I would try to make them stop. These are things I can do to stop bullying.

I would encourage the victims to tell an adult. I would tell them to speak up. I would tell them not to get someone to beat up the bully. These are ways I can and you can stop bullying.

Don’t bully.

By: Jake

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Posted: 5/17/2011

My 8 year old son is being bullied by a fellow classmate. I am going to talk to the principal in the morning. It is heart wrenching when a child doesn't want to go to school and would rather die than have to face another day at school.

By: Wendy

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Why do people have to treat others so cruelly

Posted: 5/13/2011

This has been happening to practically all my life.
People have been talking behind my back about me. Some of my friends have
even turned on me. Then in high school it got worse. More people
starting talking about me and pointing. It hurt alot and i felt that
they kept saying it over and over every single day. Sometimes i try to
block it out but i just can't. It just hurts alot. I just don't wanna
deal with it anymore ..i wanted to move ands escape from it. Start
somewhere fresh where i can start over. But my parents don't have the
money to. So everyday i have to endure the talk sometimes it hurts soo
bad and i cry alot over it. One day in art class i was sitting there and
the girl was talkin gto her friend and they were talkin bout sitting
next to a smelly person on the bus. Then one of the girls were like was
is Tricia? I heard it and i was hurt badly. They acted like it was
nothing like i didnt hear it. Couple of months later my use to be best
friend was not talking to me i finally imed her and she told me that i
have a smell that makes her want to throw up. That hurt even more. To
find out your friend was talking bout you the whole time and everytime
she was whispering something to people I knew it was bout me i had a

Now i feel Paranoid whenever i see people whispering and i feel
that they are talking about me. Sometimes i cant deal with it anymore so
im always glad when school ends because i can escape from it. Im pretty
sure these things they saaid are untrue but sometimes i try to changed
and im never excepted. It just hurts.I just wish they would stop because
im soo tired of it.  Why do people have to treat others so cruelly?

By: Brooke

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Ready For Whatever Comes

Posted: 5/13/2011

I left public school because of the drama, my parents didn't want me to suffer through middle school, so they sent me to a christian private school so I wouldnt be teased and bullied.

But my parents and I had no idea what was coming. I started the private school in 7th grade, It was a small class about  about 14 kids in the grade. Who would have guessed that such a small class would bring huge pain. The year started out good until November.Thats when the "clicks" were forming...By December it was clear, me and my best friend were the class "losers".We were bullyed every single day.

And everyday it was eye rollering, glares, "accidently" bumping, notes in our locker,notes taped on our locker and so on and so on that made us feel so worthless and low.We would go on every day wondering why they hated us so much, we would go home often crying,hurt, and depressed.We were so mad and hurt inside that we would go to each others houses and play with stuff animals  like webkinz and act like they were our friends. They really got away with everything and I mean everything from the notes to the voicemails.Soon the year had ended.

Then the next year came with even more drama and pain.Our 8th grade year started  and soon before I knew it the bullies had accepted me and I was thrilled I thought this meant no more pain. I was wrong. The backstabbing had got horrible they were just horrible to me. I had thought that we were friends but they weren't. I was still hurting so much that I had decided to cut myself. Once I realized what I had done I told my old friend, the one in the "loser" group. I told my parents and then I decided that I was done with the bullies and  I went back to the "loser" group with once again only one friend. The year had ended and me and my friend decided that we were done, done with the school.

Next year we will enter high school and I have learned to be ready, ready for whatever comes.

By: Dominique

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I'd Love To Teach You To Love

Posted: 5/13/2011

I was bullied when I was in middle school. It was not often by physical violence, but the words and attitude. I think words can hurt more than kicks or punches. At some point I wanted to die. I also ended up lying and making up my own life to feel more comfortable, but that didn't help. I was made fun of all the time, I was rejected and ended up having only one or two friends at school. And we were all three bullied girls. I didn't want to go to school anymore, but I had to, and my parents didn't know about my problems. My grades dropped sharply and I didn't do the homeworks anymore. When I went to high school, it was totally different and I felt way better. Students are way more mature in high school, and I even had the surprise to get to talk to one of my former bullies who apologized. I forgave them, they were just young immature boys who thought they needed to be recognized and that they would get friends by dissing some others and make themselves look strong. Actually this all experienced contributed to my growth and I am stronger now, and I was more mature than them actually. I want you to know that if you are bullied now, that doesn't mean you'll always be. And that doesn't mean you're a loser or less valuable than the others. On the contrary, when someone bullies you, it is often that they feel threatened by you because they find in you something that they would like to have. And don't give up ;)

I wouldn't want to be you
I wouldn't want to feel good
Only when I'm mean with someone

I wouldn't want to walk in your shoes
I wouldn't want to rule the school
By hurting weak people's feelings

I wouldn't want to be wrong
I wouldn't want to seem strong
When in fact I am so so lost

I wouldn't want to make people cry
I wouldn't want to be that mad
To be pleased by wretched endings

But I'd love to be the one to make you change
I'd love to be the one to make you realize
That life is way more than being recognized
I'd love to make you wise

Yeah I'd love to be the one to make you grow
I'd love to be the one to let you know
That there's a better way to have friends
I'd love to teach you love

By: Lyly

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Posted: 5/13/2011

I have written a poem with an idea of how to deal bullies that I think is important to be told.

How to Deal with School Bullies

Were you ever bullied around
During your long high school years?
Did they get you to hate class
And cause you much tears?

Did they give you a wedgie?
Or a wet swirlie too?
Did they take all your money
So you couldn't get food?

Did they make you lose friends?
Did they use you to blame?
Did they steal your good jokes
Yet say that you're lame?

Did they cheat off your tests
Did they steal all your work?
Did they embarrass you in public
And say you're a jerk?

How bad did it hurt?
How much pain were you in?
Was it bad enough to go into your locker
And lock yourself in?

I can't fully sympathize with
You, if that's true
But I know someone who feels the same.
Yet he's made it through.

When the turtle's attacked by his enemies
The one thing he knows how to do
Is feel comfortable deep in his own shell
As he patiently makes it through.

He doesn't fight, he doesn't cry
He just stays there sitting strong
He's quiet about all that's said
Yet knows deep down they're wrong.

He waits alone with just himself
As the predators all quit,
Because what he's got going for him is way too much
And he can take the hit.

He knows that in time despite that he's slow
He'll pass by all of them.
Because he knows inside that they are all rotten
And he'll be the crème de la crème.

So before you lock yourself in a locker,
Take advice from the turtle, indeed.
Don't fall cuz of them, don't change who you are
Keep doing what you do; and breathe.

By: Yosef

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How Bullying Impacted My Friend

Posted: 5/13/2011

I have a friend who used to never talk to me. It literally took me three years before she actually spoke to me in person. We arenow the best of friends and incredibly close. The reason it took so long for her to come around and talk to me was because she was bullied.

Her freshman year of high school, a girl made fun of her voice. Keep in mind that this was only her freshman year. She was already dealing with being in a new school and knowing no one. So, when this girl made fun of her, she was continuely harassed. She became very insecure and stopped talking; literally never spoke a word all four years of high school.

She is now what one would call a hermit. In the eyes of a professional, she'd probably be told that she has a social phobia disorder.

On a good day, she may hang out with me or go out with her family; but I promise that is very rare.

She told me that she would probably be a very different person, even more outgoing had she never been bullied in high school. I think she still could have been a different person had someone just stood up for her. I didn't know her well when she was bullied, but if I'd known her better or witnessed someone mess with her, I would have stepped in.

Words do hurt. Sure, some people can handle it, but many can't. I don't think people are aware enough of the outcome of verbal harrassment.

My friend could have turned out to be a very outgoing individual. Instead, I have to watch her struggle with the fear of even leaving her own house.

Bullying is a very serious matter. If you ever see someone being bullied at school, or anywhere for that matter, you should always help the person being attacked. Even if you don't know the person, by you stepping in, you may change that person's life for the better.

By: Dawn

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The Former Bullied, Now Not Afraid

Posted: 5/13/2011

Hi, I am in middle school. I am very short for my age. I was home schooled for 3 years, but my parents wouldn't tell me why! I did not know I was small for my age until my parents finally let me go to the nursery during church.

It took me a few weeks to notice, then it started. A girl in the class noticed my height compared two hers and new this could be her chance to get on top and be the big one the alpha dog, or the popular one. I did not tell my parents even though they knew. My parents held me in home schooling for 1 more year . When 3rd grade rolled along I convinced them to let me go to school. They did let me go. I was okay the 1st few months because I was the new girl, but when another girl came after me the bullies got their cue and headed right for me. The bullies seemed to always get away with it and somehow seem to be able to blame me and get me in trouble because I was so small I felt like I couldn't fight back.

I withstood the bullying for 3 years. When I reached 6th grade I thought I had finally outgrown the bullying because the one bully left and the other became my best friend.

When I went into 7th grade my friend found a new friend and redirected the bullying right back to me. She caught me off guard so it was so un expected it made my emotions shatter and totally embarrass myself in front of the bully the teachers and my class mates. The next year i left I am now in 8th grade and I am home schooled again I am afraid to go back because I will be at the bottom of the food chain again because I will be in 9th grade! I may be afraid but I have great parents and teachers back at the school who will help me. I am still short but at least now I re-built my self esteem. I am ready. Your site really helped!!!

Thank you PACER you changed my world!!!

The former bullied now not afraid

By: Anonymous

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A Girl From Belgium

Posted: 5/13/2011


My vision on a girl who is been bullied and want that it stops and this is what she would say. I once wrote this myself. It's about a girl who would rather be invisible. written by me with her words.

Me, I'm tired, "she says. The humiliations, people who mock with people, I do not need them! I, I want to be invisible, no one will notices me then, no problems, no more pain .every time over and over again, year after year, always the same song.

But unfortunately, how invisible you just want to be, how more visible you just become. How hard you try, you stand alone and you have no way out, your back is against the wall. You start every year with good cheer in a classroom but it gets broken.

A woman in high and strong boots can do whatever she wants. A woman so shy and still can’t move anymore, not alone. Sometimes doing things alone are practically impossible. Do something together as a team that makes you strong and convincing that you get to the top, whatever will happen. but still nobody sees you standing. you do not say much.

Afraid of the reactions of others? Absolutely! Afraid of what others think of you, you just give things but you don't take anything in return, you don't dare, you need an adrenaline rush, standing in front the class to say something, you die on that spot, your legs are shaking, altercation in your voice, just Not Normal. AFFRAID is the word. AFFRAID !!!!!!

OR I'm Tired! so tired!

I want that it STOPS for once and for All!


Me! Kristiena Smets from Belgium

By: Kristiena

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