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Students Create An Original LipDub Video “Who Do U Think U R?”

My name is Triple Oswald and I am the Student Body President of Cypress Ranch High School in Houston, Texas. Back in September, I began working on a way for our school to provide a positive voice against the issue of bullying in schools. As you are aware, bullying has become a huge problem in our schools. The effects of bullying can be serious and even fatal. The news is filled with stories linking bullying and school violence. Studies have shown that children who are bullied can harbor violent thoughts, suffer from severe depression, and even commit suicide. I wanted to create a tool that can be used to fight bullying and to send a message that bullying is not only wrong, but it is unacceptable.

On Wednesday, March 28, after months of planning and coordinating, it all came together when our student body created an original "LipDub" video with a strong anti-bullying message. A LipDub is a type of music video that is filmed in one continuous shot. Our goal was to create a message against bullying from teenagers, but to not make it so "heavy" that other teenagers would not pay attention to it.

One of our students , Kaitlyn Knippers, wrote the fun, upbeat, original song about bullying. Our drama club created a short skit that is used as an intro and close for the video to help add to the story and the message. Our Production Team did a wonderful job of coordinating with all the groups, making signs and banners, choreographing the actions for each group and about fifty other things that no one else even realized they did. Preston Cox, a senior at our school, filmed and edited our video in which over 1,000 students from all of our various clubs, groups, teams, and general student body participated and supported our message that bullying is not acceptable.

We genuinely believe our finished product provides a powerful message against bullying and can serve as a useful tool against this terrible problem, particularly because the message comes from other teenagers.

Additional Information

  • Available on iTunes (Benefits Anti-Bullying Campaign)
  • The entire project was created, filmed, sung, and performed by actual students.
  • Please share on your Facebook, tweet, email or pass the video on to help make a difference. #CyRanchAntiBully
  • Filmed and Edited by Preston Cox (a Cypress Ranch Student)
  • Song performed by Kaitlyn K (a Cypress Ranch student)
  • Filmed on location at Cypress Ranch High School, Cypress, Texas with tons of Cypress Ranch students.
  • Song written by Kaitlyn K / T.Y Songs
  • Many thanks to those who participated and who helped make this project happen.