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Third Grade Students Create an Original Music Video with a Positive Message

The third graders at People for People Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania began discussing bullying prevention on the very first day of school. We decided in September to create a song about bullying, after school administration presented the entire student body with an entrepreneurship challenge to develop a business plan. The third grade team joined forces and  began discussing ideas for a plan that would not only be a learning experience for our classes, but also very fun!

We wanted the song to deliver a positive message in a way that students and adults would understand. Bullying is such a huge problem in schools all across the United States. The effects of bullying can lead to emotional scarring and in some cases even death. The news is filled with stories about bullying and school violence. We wanted to create a bullying prevention tool that defined what bullying is, and of course delivers a strong message about it being wrong.

On Friday, October 5, 2012, Mrs. Logan, a third grade teacher, traveled to Hidden Beatz Recording Studio with a total of 15 students. The students worked very hard to perfect their very own lyrics, and they managed, after many practices in the recording booth, to create the verses for a wonderful masterpiece called, STOP! Sania J., a 3rd grader in Mrs. Logan’s class, sang the chorus with such a powerful, well-polished voice!

All three classes traveled to the park two weeks later to shoot scenes for a video after we received tons of positive feedback about the song. Mrs. Logan and Sania J. met on two consecutive Saturdays with the video production team to film scenes at the school and nearby at a local playground.

We are confident that our project will serve as a mirror to anyone who is bullying and will hopefully encourage him/her to make positive changes.  We also hope that it provides comfort and understanding for a student currently being tormented by a bully. The third grade students and teachers at the People for People Charter School know how it feels to be bullied, and WE CARE!!