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Stop Bullying by Jhorielle

First-grader Jhorielle learned about bullying during a Town Hall meeting at her school. She immediately went home and drew a picture that invited her friends to sign up to stop bullying with her. With her mom’s help, she made a website to encourage other kids to stop bullying and started handing out pencils and stickers to spread her message. She says that she made the website because she “wants every child to know how to stop bullying and to learn how to be nice instead of being mean.”

Jhorielle writes: “I learned about Bullying during our Town Hall meeting at school. I already knew about bullying but I really did not know I could do something about it…I asked my Mama how there can be a lot of me all over the world so I can help stop bullying there, too. She said I can’t really do that. But she told me I could make a website where everyone can sign-up to help stop bullying…I made a sign-up to have my friends at school join me in my ‘program.’ My first day, I got 6 names!...What I really want to do is have a lot of kids sign-up and learn more about Bullying.

I want to stop bullying because it’s not cool and it hurts other kids. I want to make an anti-bullying website because I don’t like bullying. I want to make this website because I want every child to know how to stop bullying. I want the kids to stop every bully. I want kids to teach bullies to be anti-bullying warriors so that they can be good for their whole life. I want to help kids learn how to be nice instead of being mean.” Read the rest of Jhorielle’s letter.

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