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“Day of Silence” created by 10-year-old

Gerry's Story
My name is Gerry Orz, founder of a non-profit organization Kids Resource. I am 10 years old and I would like to ask for your help in promoting my message all around the world. I have been bullied in school for so many reasons – too tall, gay parents, parent a foreigner, too honest , too polite, too Jewish…I refused to feel like a victim, but I had the support of my mothers and a brother and my voice was HEARD. Not everyone is so lucky.

There are so many people in this world that don’t have a voice – they're being bullied, abused and threatened every day of their life. Can you imagine how it feels to be afraid to speak … to make a move… to breathe…to question yourself every day if you are worthy of living? Horrible! Devastating! Unspeakable!

I am asking all of you to watch my movies, educate your kids and your schools and join me on 12/12/12 for Global Bullying Prevention Day for all of those that can’t speak for themselves, to understand how it feels to be in their shoes for just one day! If we all try – that would be the last day on the planet where people are mistreating their own kind!

Update on Gerry, 10.4.13

“Gerry celebrated in California’s Capitol in Sacramento after Sen. Ted W. Lieu presented Senate Concurrent Resolution 51 making each December 12 Bullying Prevention Day. Gerry is a founder of NPO Kids Resource, he will be working on sharing his message and making sure that many schools, organizations and companies are participating on the moment of silence on 12/12/13.

Download the 2013 flyer for 12.12.13

Last year we had multiple districts in CA, WA, RI, MS, FL and NY supporting Gerry’s campaign. This year, he is planning to take it to a truly Nationwide level. This campaign had followers in Israel, France, Ukraine, Germany and China. Gerry is an award winning writer and director, finalist of the Peace First Prize and very active youth activist working with underprivileged youth and inspiring them to reach their potentials and break the silence everywhere. Join us!”