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Bullying Prevention Through Song and Dance

Irene Henderson of Eagan, MN knows what it feels like to be bullied. She knows how alone it can make someone feel. So with the help of her mom and her dance studio, Irene created a campaign to show others that they didn’t have to go through what she did alone. She gathered dancers and parents at her studio, decorated lavishly with orange, to share her story and invite everyone to sign a bullying prevention pledge. Irene has also written a song, “Bully,” about her experience and performed it for her fellow dancers. Then Irene taught everyone some simple choreography to her song. This event truly brought people together and encouraged students to include others so no one feels alone.

Irene writes:

I couldn't help it and my mom said it was okay because I cried during my speech. I think I touched so many hearts after I heard the feedback from my fellow dancers, especially from this little girl who ran out bursting into tears because my story related to hers. She has been bullied and told nobody.

I started by showing them the rope in my hand while I advocated my story and passed the rope to everybody so that they could tie a knot in it. This symbolized strength and unity. I will have the rope with me at every event and I am going to present it to them and I know that I have sent the message to those people who tie a knot in the rope.

As I shared my story, tears started to run down my face and everybody was quite. Suddenly, one of the girls ran out and later on I found out that she started crying because my story related to hers and she did not tell anyone about it. It was touching and I promised her that I would be there for her.

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