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Bullying Hurts

When one of their friends was the target of bullies, 8th graders Nadia, Caelin, Josh, Brian and Carl, didn’t want to just sit by and watch it happen. They stood up for their friend and supported her when she was tormented both online and in school. The entire situation left them all angry and frustrated, so they decided to use that energy to do something good. They came up with the idea to sell wristbands during their school’s “No Name Calling Week” and donate the money that they raised to an organization that educates and tries to help prevent bullying. Their message? A simple “Bullying Hurts.”

They decided what the wristbands would say and look like, researched bullying prevention organizations to donate the proceeds to, designed posters to hang up at school, created an Instagram “ad” so they could tell their friends, packaged up the wristbands and sold the bands over three days during lunches at their school, as well as at the local skating rink.

These students raised $373.00 for PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center while learning how to work together toward their goal to end bullying and in the process gained amazing friendships that will last a very long time.