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Student-to-Student Advice

Want to know what other students are thinking? This is the place!

Students from around the world are being asked to share their opinions about bullying. The responses provide all students with real, relevant, and realistic advice.

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This is your opportunity to share your insights! This advice is from students and is for students. All students, kindergarten through college, are encouraged to give their opinions. Send your advice online through SurveyMonkey

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How do you define bullying? Read all advice about How do you define bullying?

  • Any verbal, physical, or emotional harrassment that can be used to ruin someone's life or harm them in anyway.
  • Acting or doing something mean to another person. or by sending themm horrible messages posting bad picks. the list goes on and there are many examples of what bullying is

What can schools and communities do to promote acceptance of individuality? Read all advice about How to promote acceptance

  • Have a discussion and redefine the meaning of conformity
  • Challenge the students with a discussion about conformity. Ask them - What makes a person want to conform? What feelings come from standing out?

What advice would you give those who are being bullied? Read all advice about Advice for those being bullied

  • Speak up. If you can’t, figure out what it is that’s holding you back.
  • First step: recognize what type of situation you may be in and think of what you can do, personally, to improve it.

What are ways that you could “be there” for someone? Being there is about supporting someone during those times when things are hard. Read all advice about How you could be there

  • Think of questions that will lead them to opening up more to you
  • It’s all about WORD CHOICE and how you present yourself

What are some ways that you can “Build Them Up?” Building someone up is about focusing on their individuality and the things that they do well. Read all advice about How do you Build Them Up?

  • Don’t feel obligated to know the answer to the solution, sometimes listening is the most genuine way to show support
  • Remind them that they have you as a friend

What advice would you give someone who witnesses bullying? Read all advice you would give someone who witnesses bullying

  • When you say something to someone who is being bullied, they can go from feeling alone, from being in a dark place, to feeling like they matter. They no longer feel foolish
  • You have power. You can keep that power by USING it.
    • If you’re in the position where your “power” is not in jeopardy, exemplify your confidence by using that power to its fullest potential by being the better person.

What are ways in which you can “Turn a 180?” Turning a 180 is when a negative situation or statement is turned into something positive. Read all advice about How do you Turn a 180?

  • Take the blunt route and surprise them by asking why they did/said it
  • Let the person being harmed, know that you think they are really great

What advice would you give someone who is bullying? Read all advice that you would give someone who is bullying

  • They should ask themselves:
    • How did it make you feel?
    • How did you feel before?

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