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Classroom Activities

Put learning into action by creating visual displays, mentoring younger students and presenting in class.

All activities are designed to be presented in the classroom by students; ideas include:

  • high school students presenting to peers or middle school students
  • middle and high school students presenting to elementary school students

Above the Line/Below The Line

Help students understand the concept of above the line versus below the line behaviors and make a commitment to promoting above the line behaviors at their school.
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Project Connect

Demonstrate the interaction between individuality and connectivity by creating a chain of interconnected individual links. Project Connect joins students, schools, and communities to make a powerful statement about uniting against bullying.
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Words Matter

Explore descriptive versus judgmental language, in order to help students respond effectively to targets of bullying seeking help.
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Choose Orange

Encourage student participation in the “Choose Orange” campaign which builds positive, supportive behavior.
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“I Will . . .”

Reinforce that all students have a role in preventing bullying through each student personalizing an “I Will . . .” message.
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We Will Pledge

Invite students to sign the “We Will” pledge. The pledge can be downloaded and printed on 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper, or you can create a large banner with the pledge written or printed, and encourage students to sign their names.
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The 180 Race

Practice redirecting negative situations with this interactive, collaborative and engaging exercise.
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