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Choose Orange

Goal: Have students participate in the “Choose Orange” campaign to encourage positive, supportive behavior.

  • Posters
  • Orange marker and one other colored marker


  1. Have students brainstorm adjectives that describe people who are involved in a bullying situation – the target, the person bullying, and the bystander. Suggestions included: bullied, hurt, alone, lost, sad, scared, desperate, hopeless, silent, defeated.
  2. Then have students brainstorm verbs that describe what they would like to see happen at their school to end bullying. Suggestions include: acknowledge, act, heal, change, believe, empower, embrace, mentor, unite, peace. If possible, write these words in orange.
  3. Tell students that they have the power to make either of these lists happen – they control whether or not bullying happens at their school. Ask who would like to choose the positive, orange group of words.
  4. As each student raises their hand, give them either an orange silicone band—will need to purchase—or create an orange paper band, similar to those used in Project Connect.
  5. Invite students to wear their wristbands as a reminder to CHOOSE ORANGE – to choose to act in a way that promotes positivity, kindness, and inclusivity at their school.