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Project Connect

Goal: To demonstrate the interaction between individuality and connectivity by creating a chain of interconnected individual links. Project Connect joins students, schools, and communities to make a powerful statement about uniting against bullying.

  • Sheets of 8 ½ x 11 orange construction paper, cut into strips of  1 ½” or 2” wide and 11” long
  • Markers
  • Stapler or glue


  1. Give each student a strip of paper and a marker. Instruct them to write a message on the strip about a quality that makes them unique and proud of who they are as an individual. You may want to have students share what they write

  2. Staple (or glue) the individual strips together to make one large chain of connection that physically represents that even though we are all different, we can still come together.
  3. The message of the chain is this: Everyone has something unique to offer and when we unite in a common goal (such as preventing bullying) our actions are powerful!
  4. If multiple classrooms are participating, have them link their classroom chains together to create a school-wide chain.
  5. If only one group is participating, find a prominent place to hang the chain that will remind them that even as individuals we can all come together for something we care about.

Special thanks to Citrus Grove Elementary in Palm City, Florida for sharing Project Connect