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We Will Pledge

Invite everyone to join “The We Will Generation” by taking the pledge.

Options include:

  • Recite “The We Will Generation” pledge together.
  • Create a large “We Will Generation” banner printed with the pledge and have everyone sign it.
  • Print a “We Will Generation” pledge certificate for each student. Have each student sign their personal pledge.
  • Coming soon! Give each student a “We Will Generation” bookmark.


We will be the generation to:

  • Own this issue and be the solution (DEFINITION)
  • Make sure every individual knows that they matter (INDIVIDUALITY)
  • Reach out to peers and let them know that they aren’t alone (BEING THERE)
  • Establish a supportive community that unites in action (BUILD THEM UP)
  • Change the negativity that has impacted so many for so long (TURN A 180)