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Spreading Love, Not Hate

Posted: 4/1/2016

When an anonymous hate page about a fellow student appeared on Instagram, concerned girls from Benicia High School (CA) decided to do something with social media that would make a positive outcome in their community: they created another Instagram account devoted to compliments. On the “Benicia Compliments” page, the first thing you’ll see is this motto: “Spread love, not hate. Benicia High School student who just wants people to feel happy.”

You’ll also see warm comments about the people tagged in the smiling selfies and candid photos, comments that praise kindness, beauty, inclusion, and much more. The responses from those tagged are grateful (“Thank you so much this means a lot”) and touched (“Awe thank you! I really appreciate it, this really made my day”). In an online world that can be harsh and unforgiving, Benicia High students created something positive for their peers and the social world around them. Read the full story

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Raise Your Crown Against Bullying

Posted: 4/2/2015

My name is Olivia Pierce. I am 14 and in the 8th grade. When I was in kindergarten, I struggled with a learning disorder and acted out in class due to frustration. The other kids saw I was different and would bully me. No matter what I did after that, the kids never accepted me. With some help from my parents and teachers, things got better for me academically, but I was still bullied and didn’t have many friends. Luckily, I was able to turn to my parents for help. You should always tell your parents or another adult if you are bullied.

I’ve been told I have thick skin, because I kept trying to make new friends even though it felt like I would never have any. In middle school, I finally have some good friends and they do not judge me based upon my behavior in Kindergarten. Because of my experience, I go out of my way to make kids feel accepted and I do not judge them because they are different. Now I have a lot of friends who support me in my stopping bullying effort and they accept me for who I am because I accept everyone for who they are. I don’t care what other people think of them because, to me, everyone is special on the inside no matter what they are on the outside.

A year ago, I launched the “Raise Your Crown Against Bullying” initiative to help show other kids that are bullied that they are not alone. I also spend a lot of my volunteer time being an advocate for bullying prevention causes. I want every kid out there to know that bullying can happen to anyone, even adults. It is wrong, and everybody should be treated kindly.

As a result of my volunteering this past year, I earned The Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award for completing 125 hours of community service. That was such an honor. Some of my bullying prevention activities include The Faces of Change — The Youth Advisory Board of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, PACER’s Run Walk and Roll Against Bullying, and advocating through my own nonprofit “Raise Your Crown Against Bullying.” Learn more on my Facebook page.

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Danny’s Team

Posted: 5/6/2014

Danny, a first-grader from Massachusetts, is used to getting bullied. But the fifth grade football team, who knows Danny as their water boy, decided that he shouldn’t have to suffer. Watch what happens when 45 fifth grade students let Danny know that he’s part of their team, that he’s loved, and that they’ve got his back.

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