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young girl smiling for camera

Sue Folger and others working with a young boy


Sue Folger, co-director of the Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers (the national center is at PACER) also experienced international involvement with children with disabilities. She visited Malaysia with friends in April. Their host had asked if she would talk to a few parents of children with disabilities while she was in Malaysia. Folger consented, believing it would be a simple encounter with a handful of people.

Sue Folger posing with families of children with disabilities in Malaysia

Sue Folger, third from left in rear, met with families of children with disabilities and professionals on a recent trip with friends to Malaysia.

“Imagine my surprise when I was led to a room with about 80 people waiting to hear about the work of parent centers in the United States,” said Folger.

The scenario was repeated several times during her trip. Folger also visited homes, local centers, and an institution for children with disabilities.

At the institution, resources were unused because of the lack of trained staff.

“Things are very different for people with disabilities in Malaysia than they are in America, but the families there want change. Parents and the people working with children with disabilities were amazed to hear about what many of our children and young adults with disabilities have accomplished with the appropriate support and accommodations,” said Folger. “The people there are hungry for materials and were thrilled to learn about PACER’s Web site,” she said.

June 2006 - Sue Folger, Co-Director of the Technical Assistance ALLIANCE for Parent Centers, presented at three parent conferences in Malaysia.

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