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The Special Educators' Association, Turkey in collaboration with other professional associations is bringing together international experts for an Early Intervention Conference UDEMKO2012-ANTALYA February 1 – 5, 2012 held in Turkey.

e-FISEP: Family Information and Support Education Program from Anadolu University Turkey for Families who have Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Anadolu University is an innovative state university in Turkey. It houses 12 faculties (first cycle), three of which are distance education; one State Conservatory and six schools (first cycle); three vocational schools (short cycle); five graduate schools (second and third cycle); and 38 research centres and units.

The university is proud to have implemented one of the most successful distance education programs in the world, which is used as a model by many national and international educational institutions. As of spring semester 2011, the number of students in the three distance education faculties was 1,730,656.

One of the major strengths of the university is the academic staff, who are committed to excellence in teaching and research in an academically and technologically enhanced environment. In return, they strive to pass on their knowledge and skills to their students in a dynamic and creative teaching environment.

e-FISEP: Family Information and Support Education Program is a grant project supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) and Anadolu University Scientific Researchers. This new program is focused on supporting parents who have children with intellectual disabilities. The program staff encourages families they work with to utilize PACER as a family information source.

Additionally, Anadolu University, Turkey has implemented a successful teacher training program for its undergraduate and graduate schools on special education and children with special needs.

e-ABDEP Project Team



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