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Anti-Bullying Activities

Communities nationwide took an active role in the movement against bullying by participating in October’s National Bullying Prevention Month, founded by PACER center for bullying prevention.

While Bullying Prevention Month has passed, PACER encourages your continued active involvement & bullying prevention efforts year-round. We offer a variety of creative anti-bullying resources to engage, educate, and inspire others to join in acts against bullying. PACER’s bullying prevention program is designed to benefit all students, including students with disabilities.

Classroom Toolkits and Activities

Be sure to check out PACER’s anti-bullying resources for parents, schools, teens and youth:

  • A place where parents and educators can access bullying prevention resources designed for elementary & middle school children. Develop a bullying prevention lesson plan with our educational toolkits, awareness toolkits, contest ideas and promotional products.
  • PACERTeensAgainstBullying: This bullying website for teenagers is a place for middle and high school students to find ways to address bullying, to take action, to be heard, and to own an important social cause.
  • PACERKidsAgainstBullying: A creative, innovative and educational website designed to promote anti-bullying in elementary schools. Elementary school students can learn about bullying prevention, engage in activities such as stop bullying games, and be inspired to take action against bullying.