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Project Kite - Kids Included through Technology are Enriched

Project KITE -
Kids Included through Technology are Enriched

A free assistive technology training and coaching program for Minnesota parents and educators designed to increase the independence and inclusion of young learners with disabilities.

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2023 Session

The spring session begins in March.

KITE Application

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Why Participate in Project KITE?

Participants are provided fantastic resources including:

  • Use of an iPad loaded with learning and communication apps. (Loan of an iPad for the duration of the program).  
  • Free 1- year memberships to the Simon Technology Center’s lending library of more than 3,000 assistive technology hardware and software titles.
  • Project KITE travels to its participants’ town and occurs during convenient times set by its participants.

Project KITE creates a collaborative environment for parents and educators to learn about and use assistive technology by:

  • Delivering 5 workshops focusing on different categories and uses of assistive technology for young learners.
  • Training participants in assistive technology for literacy, communication, behavior, and other important skills vital to young learners’ education and daily life.
  • Collaborating with PACER’s Assistive Technology Specialists to find, trial and use assistive technology for their student/child.

Additional Information

How Do I Apply for Project KITE?

Project KITE is unique because teams of parents and professionals attend trainings together for the mutual benefit of their student.

To be considered a complete team, each member of a child’s team must submit an application individually. To bring the training series to your Minnesota location, three complete teams must be formed — each around a separate child. Once three teams from a location have submitted their applications, they will be considered a complete training team.

A child is represented by a team consisting of:

  • A parent of a child (ages 3 to 8) with a disability
  • The child’s teacher
  • A related service provider working with the child, such as a Special Education Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Paraprofessional, or others.

For more information please contact the Simon Technology Center or call (952) 838-9000.