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Simply Said

Simply Said is an ongoing video series designed by the PACER Center to explain complex topics in easy-to-understand language. The videos feature simple drawings that make it quick and easy to learn. This format makes this resource especially easy to share. The series covers topics from Assistive Technology to Accessible Instructional Materials.

Simply Said

Watch - Understanding Assistive Technology

Understanding Assistive Technology

The Minnesota STAR Program and PACER Center present the definition of Assistive Technology in easy-to-understand language. This video explains what Assistive Technology is where you can go the find out more.

  • Topics: Assistive Technology, Accommodations, Community Supports
  • Date Posted: 11/12/2010
  • Duration: 3 min
Watch - Understanding Assistive Technology Loan Libraries

Understanding Assistive Technology Loan Libraries

The Minnesota STAR Program and PACER Center present an easy-to-understand video explaining what Assistive Technology Loan libraries are and where to find them. You'll be taken step by step through the process of borrowing an item and learn where you can find your closest library to you.

  • Topics: Assistive Technology, Community Supports
  • Date Posted: 11/12/2010
  • Duration: 3 min
Watch - Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

The National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials and PACER Center are pleased to announce the release of our new video explaining Accessible Instructional Materials in easy to understand language. This fully-captioned video is designed to increase awareness of AIM.

  • Topics: Assistive Technology, Special Education, Vision Disability, Learning Disability
  • Date Posted: 10/17/2012
  • Duration: 4 min
Watch - Introducing Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Introducing Vocational Rehabilitation Services

It won't be long until you are out of high school and on to post-secondary education or work. The time to prepare for that big step forward is now. In this short Simply Said video, you’ll learn how your local Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) counselor can help you be successful at school, at work, and in the community. All you need to do is ask!

  • Topics: Employment, Vocational Rehabilitation, Community Supports, Postsecondary Education
  • Date Posted: 2/12/2014
  • Duration: 4 min
Watch - How to Make SSI Work for You: Simply Said

How to Make SSI Work for You: Simply Said

This youth- and family-friendly video focuses on how to find help available to youth and young adults with disabilities after they leave high school. Several federal government programs including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Work Incentives, and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provide benefits or support to eligible youth as they work toward their postsecondary and employment goals. Youth and families can use the information they learn to plan ahead and apply for the benefits and supports they need after high school.
  • Topics: Adult Services, Benefit Programs and Supports, Career Development, Community Supports, Independent Living, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Work Incentives
  • Date Posted: 6/3/2015
  • Duration: 4 min