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Covid-19, Distance Learning, and Cyberbullying Infographics

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Distance Learning ideas

  • New! - Access ALL-IN, a free online bullying prevention module now adapted for distance learning options for K-12 students
  • Encourage younger students to submit their questions to “Ask Carmen,” a member of the “Club Crew” who knows a lot about bullying and gives great advice to kids

Information to Support and Educate Students

Help youth learn “ How to Tell an Adult ” with this age appropriate info graphic. Read, share, and download the library of helpful information to support and educate students on bullying prevention.

Access Educational Resources

Carmen’s Corner

A series of educational videos designed for young audiences kindergarten through third grade. It features characters from PACER’s Kids Against Bullying puppet program, highlights key concepts of bullying prevention, and promotes social-emotional learning. Educator guide and student worksheets accompany each video.

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Include Someone, Make a Difference

A campaign, created in partnership with Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative, to inspire kids across the country to include someone to stop bullying before it starts.

Learn What It Means to Include
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Inclusion activities for Kids


Event Kit Create a world without bullying kit

Resource Kit

Order the “Create a World Without Bullying” resource kit which contains print materials for at least 50 participants.

Kids Against Bullying website Kids against bullying

Kids Against Bullying

Innovative, educational website for elementary school students to learn, engage in activities, and be inspired to advocate for self and others.

Teens Against Bullying website Teens against bullying

Teens Against Bullying

A website created by and for middle and high school students, with ideas to address bullying, be heard, and lead change in an important social cause.

Questions Answered Questions answered

Questions Answered

You asked, we answered! Response options include images, 60-second snapshot, longer articles, video and poll.

Students With Disabilities Students With Disabilities

Students With Disabilities

A comprehensive overview of addressing and preventing bullying and harassment of students with disabilities.

All-In All-in toolkit


Free online, year round toolkit with a new classroom lesson each week! Create environments in which each student is INcluded, INvested and INvolved.

I Care Because

I care because I was bullied when I was little but I don't anymore and I just don't like to see others bullied. The people that stand up to bullies of their own or help out other kids by standing up to their bullies are my kind of people. I want to thank a few people that helped me in elementary school when I was being bullied. If I knew them still I would probably be pretty good friends with them. 

Kyle, 15, Michigan

Bullying takes away all your ego and self respect. Do as much as you can to stop it!

Zulu, 17, Pakistan

i think bullying is hurtful! i does nothing but hurt someones feelings and makes a bad statment about you

jacob, 11, virginia

I see bullying everyday and its not just the stereotypical big kid beats up on little kid stuff. I'm a six foot tall, 15 year old girl; and I have been bullied by people way smaller than me for years. Now its not me being bullied, but other people and about EVERYTHING. Racism is coming back strong and everyone laughs and jokes about it. "Its funny" they say... "I wasn't even talking to you"... "Why do you care"...  Its wrong and people get hurt that is why I care.

Catherine, 15, NC

I would hate for anyone else to feel the way that I did for so many years in school. It truly sucked and everyone should have a chance to enjoy their childhood. Its time for people to use kindness to make themselves feel better not hate.

Jasmen, 17, DE

I hate being bullyed im  being bullyed at school and I try to tell a teacher but no one is lisening to what i have 2  say so i can help but .................. yet i still make the best of it . the only feeling at the end of the day is i wont to drop out of school and get home schooled so i cant help it if i tell they well call me a snich or a tatule tail. the skinyer guys call me fat because of my wight or call  me pragent and make fun of my last name and call me chloe zooer in sted of zuur. who will help me ???????????????????? 


chloe, 11, calgargy

I also get bullied because i'm smallest in my class and i might be a bit weird but who cares. people should like me for who i am!!!!! Like i said i have been bullied since kindergarden! Im in 9th grade and it hasent stopped yet!!!!!

Ashley, 15, MD


PACERTalks about Bullying - Season 3

We are thrilled to return for another season with more videos featuring interviews, stories, and informational content. New this season will be the feature “Ask Us” in which we will respond to questions from students around the world.

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Notifying the School About Bullying — Using a Template Letter

PACER Center has created template letters that parents may use as a guide for writing a letter to their child’s school. These letters contain standard language and “fill in the blank” spaces so the letter can be customized for your child’s situation.

(Word Doc | Pdf)

Version for a Student with a 504 Plan (Word Doc | Pdf)
Version for a Student with an IEP Plan (Word Doc | Pdf )

“What You Can Do”

This 4-part handout series provides comprehensive information for students and adults about how to help someone who is experiencing bullying, as well as how to address bullying in the community.

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Support Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion for All Students

Become a Champion Against Bullying

Join the hundreds of nonprofits, schools, and community groups that collaborate directly with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by using and sharing our bullying prevention resources in their communities.

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