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Most NBPC resources are available online for everyone to easily access, read, share, and download at no cost. Highlighted below are printed resources and products, available either for free, or at a low cost, for the classroom, workshops, or special events.

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The new Build COMMUNITY Kit ($30) is designed to encourage coming together for a common goal: to make stronger connections among each other to help prevent bullying and create a healthier environment for all. The kits contain a guide, poster, decals, action card, sticky notes, and handouts for at least 30 participants, with 2 design options to choose from. The content is appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

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Beyond Sticks & Stones: How to Help Your Child Address Bullying
This 70-page comprehensive guide offers prevention strategies for children, and the information and practical tools parents and other adults need to take action to address and prevent bullying.

Download the introduction to Beyond Sticks & Stones.

2023, Single copies are $10 each | BP-7

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Classrooms and Special Events

NBPC Flyer for Classroom and Events
A free, colorful, and informative 8 ½ x 11 (two-sided) flyer, available in English and Spanish, that outlines the creative resources, outreach activities, and opportunities available from PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC).

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5-Poster Series for Classrooms
Order, download, print, or share the 5-poster series. These 18" x 24" posters are available in English and Spanish.

  • One set of the five-poster series is $10.00
  • Each additional set purchased is $5.00
  • Shipping and handling included

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The KidsAgainstBullying bookmark for elementary school students invites students to take the “Be A Kid Against Bullying” pledge. The other side features characters from the Club Crew.

The TeensAgainstBullying bookmark for middle and high school students shares the message, “Creating A World Without Bullying.” The reverse side helps teens think of the actions they can take to change their world.

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National Bullying Prevention Month and Unity Day

Official Unity Day T-Shirt
On Unity Day wear and share orange to prevent bullying and promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Show your support by purchasing this signature orange t-shirt, which is available after Labor Day through the end of October.

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Poster: Unity Day
To show you care about safe and supportive schools and communities, make your color ORANGE on Unity Day. Order a Unity Day poster to encourage everyone to get involved! These 24” x 36” posters are available from late summer through National Bullying Prevention Month in October.

  • One poster can be ordered at no charge
  • Ten posters cost $10 to cover shipping and handling

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NBPM Student Activity Kit, 4-Poster Series
The 4-poster series is a resource of the NBPM Student Activity Kit which can be used during National Bullying Prevention Month in K-12 settings to showcase content developed by students.

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Parents and Families

Cyberbullying: What Parents Should Know
Students now live at a time of instant access to cell phones, tablets, or computers, which open the door to exciting new ways of connecting, interacting, and learning. However, these new modes of communication also present new challenges for parents. Not only do parents have to help children and youth navigate in-person social situations, they also need to prepare them for healthy relationships online. This 16-page booklet has information on guiding children through this virtual world. (BP-23) Free to download | Order print version for $3.00 per copy.

El Cyberbullying: Lo que los padres deben saber
Este folleto de 8 páginas contiene información sobre qué hacer cuando se usa la tecnología para hacer ‘Bullying’. Lo puede bajar en forma gratuita. (BP-23s) Free to Download