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Video Topic: Sexuality

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Consent and Kids with Disabilities

Talking about consent may feel like a daunting task, but Daisy discusses why understanding consent is important for all kids, and especially kids with disabilities.

  • Topics: Health, Sexuality, Self-Advocacy, Self-Determination
  • Duration: 4 min
View - Consent and Kids with Disabilities
May 2019 433 Health, Sexuality, Self-Advocacy, Self-Determination

Disability and Sexuality

All people are sexual beings, no matter what their bodies can or cannot do physically or what type of support they may need from time to time or all of the time. It�s important for young people living with disabilities or differently abled young people to learn about sexuality.

  • Topics: Health, Sexuality
  • Duration: 3 min
View - Disability and Sexuality
March 2019 27896 Health, Sexuality